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zzzBTFD is a social-profit arts collective that advocates for many local issues.  We are located in Brantford, ON.

We formed in 2012 to create and promote outsider art, music and culture. Our objective is to make everything we do accessible to all income brackets, while challenging the status-quo of arts and creativity.

We have helped organize many community-impacting projects such as zzzBTFD Monthly Music Night, zzzWKND, Snoozzzefest, Day In The Woods and Day On The Grand.

Since we began we have hosted over 80 events, and welcomed artists from all across Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, The Maritimes and the United States.

We are currently on hiatus from event planning and are focused on printing some sweet swag.

All of our designs are priced between 15-20$.  If there are any accessibility issues with those prices, please contact us and we will make sure to offer a price within your budget.

zzzBTFD operates with full speed and momentum within a parecon economic structure.


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